Curse of Chucky ドン・マンシーニ監督のインタビュー  



Fiona Dourif is the lead in the film, and there’s definitely a theme of family running throughout; was her casting inspired by this?

Oh no, that’s a total coincidence. When I was writing it I wasn’t thinking of any specific actress and she was among a couple hundred actresses who read for the role and was great. Did you think she was?

I thought she was totally great.

I was just curious to hear because she’s been working for a few years now but in a way I feel like she’s been a part our discovery because this is her first big lead I guess. She just blew me away, but she was so good that I just initially resisted it, because I initially wondered if I was just being carried away with all the other implications because it dovetails with the story of Brad Dourif playing this character in an interesting way but really it was just coincidence, she was the best candidate for the role.

CURSE OF CHUCKY Writer and Director Don Mancini Talks Remakes, Reinventions & the Legacy of CHILD'S PLAY

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