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The following are links to review of 'Curse of Chucky' that premiered in Fantasia International Film Festival August 2 2013.

SCREEN DAILY: Curse of Chucky
Curse Of Chucky could well be a ‘haunted house’ tale, except that instead of spooks you have a scarred, red-haired, doll creeping through the dark house and picking up kitchen knives enroute.

However what every good horror movie needs is a sympathetic lead, one that you actually want to root for. Thankfully, Fiona (Brad’s daughter) is really terrific here.

Twitch: Fantasia 2013 Review: CURSE OF CHUCKY Is A Satisfying Old School Horror Ride
There's a slow build going on in Curse that's reminiscent of the original without ever feeling no-budget padding. This is Don Mancini second directorial effort, and his self-professed first 'horror' outing, and he shows off his chops by going into pure Hitchcock mode. There's no huge surprises or crazy camera tricks, but every shot is carefully chosen, every cut has obviously been discussed and the whole thing comes together with a care that's rare sight in DTV horror sequels.

SOUND ON SIGHT: Fantasia Film Festival 2013: ‘Curse of Chucky’ comfortably extends Chucky’s warranty
Brad Dourif, who has provided the villain’s voice since the very start of the franchise, returns once more and is more than capable of providing darkly humorous moments, although they each possess a bit of a mean-spirited backbone.

The Hollywood Reporter: Curse of Chucky Film Review
Fans of the series should appreciate the way her character fits into the lore of Chucky's origin, revealed late in the picture. A coda does more to tie this episode to both the first film and the latest installments -- wrapping the saga up nicely, should producers not decide to put this oft-destroyed villain back together again.

It’s alarmingly good, which puts pressure on Universal to answer as to why they didn’t let Mancini shoot this for theaters. Chucky fans should rejoice, though, as Curse of Chucky is clearly going to re-ignite the franchise for years to come.


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