Fiona Dourif Talks Precious Mettle, Curse of Chucky and True Blood  

I found a new interviews of beautiful and talented actress Fiona Dourif!

Exclusive Interview: Fiona Dourif Talks Precious Mettle, Working With Paul Sorvino, Growing Up With Chucky and Much More

Fiona talks about upcoming crime thriller Precious Mettle, co-star Paul Sorvino, Curse of Chucky and his father Brad, TV series of True Blood that she was also recurring guest star, and much more!!! Don't miss this interview!

The following are quottes from this interview.

AMANDA: Well you will also be joining the cast of Curse of Chucky alongside your father, Brad Dourif, who returns as the voice of Chucky. Can you tell us a little bit about your character in the upcoming movie and how was working with your father on the new film?

FIONA: I basically didn’t work with my father since my father plays the voice of Chucky. I went up to Winnipeg for six weeks and my character is a paraplegic who has lost her family. She finally starts to discover that the doll may be responsible. It was a really, really good script. The Curse of Chucky was a really strong script, and I think we made a really good movie. I only worked with my dad briefly which was very weird. He was the voice of the guy trying to kill me, so it was bizarre and really, really great.

AMANDA: Growing up, Chucky and Freddy Krueger were big horror icons to me as a child. How was your own childhood, with growing up with a dad who was the voice of Chucky and did you actually own a Good Guy Doll? Because the doll was somewhat similar to Hasbro's "My Buddy Doll" released in 1985 and the "Kid Sister" one. I owned those dolls, and after watching the Child's Play films--I remember being hell a scared of them then. (laughter)

FIONA: Cool, cool that’s the point. (laughter) You know a terrible secret is that I can’t usually watch horror movies, because I get too scared. I am a big scaredy cat. But, I didn’t see the Chucky films to well into my twenties. I thought it was really cool that I was the daughter of Chucky or the seed of Chucky. My birthday is the day before Halloween, so Chucky would make an appearance at my birthday parties when I was ten and stuff. And my dad still has a Good Doll in the house, and it is very cool. I really want a Good Guy Doll, see if I can get my hands on one. (laughter)

AMANDA: Why do you think The Child's Play series and Chucky have been so iconic in the horror industry? I mean, if you are a horror fan, you automatically are familiar with Chucky. Alongside Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers.

FIONA: Right, you know, I think it hangs on something that is profoundly frightening, you know. Like fear of children and fear that you are not doing a good job or something. It hits people in someplace that is sort of inexplicable or subliminal. Also, I will say this, I think Don Mancini is a great writer and they tend to be smart movies.

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