Out to Lunch ブラッド・ドゥーリフ氏出演のショート・フィルム見れます♪  

Out to Lunch from Cleo Handler on Vimeo.

On a lunch date, things are not quite what they seem...or are they?

Directed by: Katia Koziara

Written/Produced by: Cleo Handler


Cleo Handler

Brad Dourif

Brian Wiles

Dennis Dannel

Director of Photography / Colorist: Johnny Sousa

Edited by: Katy Miller

Sound Design: Andy Stein

Visual Effects: Mike Warren

Wardrobe: Katie Kupferberg

Titles: Adam Grannick


Apartment Song - Tommy Bazarian

Diner Music - Joe Jedrlinic/Noiselab101 Productions

Credits Song - "Parasites" by San Fermin

ブラッド・ドゥーリフ出演ショートフィルムOut to Lunch

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